A grandmother stabbed to death in ‘cowardly’ attack

Innocent lives are being lost because of Left wing (Labor) governmens failure to control crime and the quality and character of the people they allow into Australia.

A 16 year old African male stabbed a 70 year old grandmother "Vyleen White", in the streets of Ipswich. Enough is enough -it's time to start taking back our country from criminals and weak politicians.

The Ipswich community is demanding a crackdown on youth crime. This is a tragic incident that never should have happened.

It is now time for leadership and new policies to ensure it never happens again.

There needs to be an increase in self-defence deterrents laws i.e. pepper spray, minimum life sentence for murder and the end of mass migration.

Dusty talks to locals at the crime scene. Check it out and give him a follow on X

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Feb 09th, 2024

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